Your AI Copilot for All Apps and Websites Use ChatGPT anywhere you type or sele


Feature is your personal AI text companion, always ready to assist whenever and wherever you type or select text, across all websites and desktop applications. Here’s how empowers you:

AI Copilot: These features are activated by simply highlighting text. They include:
– Text Selection Activation: Enables with a simple text highlight.
– Contextual Understanding: Offers explanations, translations, or summaries.
– Advanced Editing Tools: Provides grammar corrections, syntactic improvements, and improved word choices.
– Tone Adjustment: Adapts text tone to match user preferences.
– More

ChatGPT&GPT-4 API Integration: leverages this for advanced language processing and nuanced communication.

1,000+ AI Prompt Templates: An extensive library that aids writing and editing tasks, with particular emphasis on professional and business contexts.

AI Chatbot Functionality: A core feature providing real-time, intelligent, and interactive responses for enhanced user engagement.

Users Use Cases cover a broad user spectrum:

– Content Creators: Can utilize’s prompt templates to enhance content creation.
– Students and Educators: Benefit from the AI Copilot for understanding complex materials and refining writing skills.
– Professionals: Can leverage the AI co-pilot to translate business communications and adjust text tone.
– Everyday Users: Find great value in for personal digital interactions like email writing or language learning.

In summary, optimizes digital text experiences, positioning itself as a transformative player in AI-assisted text interaction.




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